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Civil Defence Information

Empower Your Community with Life-Saving Skills

Want to learn how to save a life or make a difference in someone's day?  We're offering two special first aid training sessions just for our whānau community! You can choose between Comprehensive First Aid Training or Psychological First Aid Training, and learn how to respond confidently in an emergency.


We have limited spots available, so don't wait - register now and take advantage of one of our 25 vouchers (50 in total)

First Aid Training Panui.png

This popular 12-hour first aid course covers the requirements to administer first aid at work, as well as keeping your family safe at home. You will gain practical skills and knowledge to confidently perform first aid when an emergency or accident may occur. It meets the new guidelines from WorkSafe New Zealand (Feb 2020) and is highly recommended for most workplaces. Throughout the course, scenarios will be incorporated into the modules to practice the skills and knowledge developed on the course. This course is valued at $245 per person and we are offering it FREE of charge.

Psychological First Aid is a simple, yet powerful way of helping someone in distress, so they feel calm and supported in coping with their challenges, whether it’s personal, work related or affects the whole community. This is a full day (7 hour) face to face course. This course is valued at $225 per person and we offering it FREE of charge.

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